Sabtu, 18 Maret 2017

Hoteliers and TripAdvisor: Take Advantage of the Owner Center

The 2009 edition of Buy Tourism Online Tradeshow (16th and 17th November) was held at the historical Florence train station Stazione Leopolda, now turned into a convention center. The B.T.O. is an Italian web 2.0 and online tourism exhibition which main subject is TOURISM 2.0, the phenomenon that is drastically altering the dynamics of supply and demand of the tourist accommodation industry.

4 Methods to Invite Your Clients to Write a Review Your Hotel

Online reviews have always been an effective medium of hotel marketing. They reflect the delight of your satisfied guests and their acknowledgment to your commitment towards service quality. Positive reviews not only offer a moral fillip to your hotel staff, but also showcase your hospitality in a positive light. Having your guests to write a review is, therefore, prominently in the agenda of hotel marketing professionals. Here are some practical and effective methods to invite your clients to write a review about your hotel.