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4 Methods to Invite Your Clients to Write a Review Your Hotel

Online reviews have always been an effective medium of hotel marketing. They reflect the delight of your satisfied guests and their acknowledgment to your commitment towards service quality. Positive reviews not only offer a moral fillip to your hotel staff, but also showcase your hospitality in a positive light. Having your guests to write a review is, therefore, prominently in the agenda of hotel marketing professionals. Here are some practical and effective methods to invite your clients to write a review about your hotel.

 1. Offering Cards at Check-out When guests at your hotel check out on a happy note, make sure to offer them a card with a link to the review page of your site or Tripadvisor profile. If you're not on Tripadvisor yet, make sure you create a profile soon as a large number of your potential guests frequent this popular travel website to gather information about their tour plans and listen in the conversation from the other tourists. Satisfied guests are more likely to share their positive experience at your hotel and write a review on your Tripadvisor profile. This will have a positive impact on your future guests and build your industry reputability.

 2. Writing Direct Emails Writing direct emails to your past customers is also a courteous approach of hotel marketing. There's nothing wrong with contacting your recent visitors and telling them that you would appreciate their feedback on your hospitality services. Make sure your approach is as polite and cordial as possible. When you receive their reviews, don't forget to thank them for their time and request them to visit your hotel once again.  

3. Adding Your Guests to Facebook Page Satisfied guests are your core asset and you want to make sure they stay in touch with you. Let your guests know about your Facebook page and add them to your fan base. Encourage them to write a comment and share their experience on your page. This will add great value to your social reputation across the industry.

 4. Following Your Guests on Twitter Much like adding your guests to your hotel Facebook page, you can also request them to bond with you on your company Twitter page. Once they follow you on Twitter, you can follow them back and send a DM (Direct Message) to leave a positive comment by tweeting out their thoughts with your Twitter handle. The comment will be visible to everyone who is already following you on your company Twitter profile and add to your popularity. This is an effective way to nurture your online brand reputation and boost your business. Although the above methods are effective to invite your guests to write a review for your hotel, a lot depends on their experience at your hotel during their stay. A satisfied visitor is more likely to leave a positive comment about your services while an annoyed customer will either ignore your request or write a negative review about your hotel. Therefore, it is imperative for your hotel staff to take utmost care of your guests and make sure they depart happily.

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